Inspiration And More From Passionate Shoemakers

Style Files: Julia DiNardo

Julia DiNardo is the editor of Fashion Pulse Daily, a website that prides itself on being the “heart beat of fashion.” Julia has worked as a designer, professor, writer and editor using her eye for great style to share the very best products and emerging trends with her readers. A fashion devotee, Julia has covered both New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week for the past nine years. Come along on Julia’s scouting adventures by following her on Twitter, @FashionPulse.

ECCO: Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Julia: I never know when inspiration will strike, so I tend to devour a variety of fashion-related media, from magazines to blogs, Women’s Wear Daily, Instagram, and Pinterest pics and pins. Sometimes I can revisit my closet, or my Mom’s closet, and pull out pieces that ignite a look, born anew, or re-imagine a silhouette mash up or color combination in a fresh way.  

ECCO: Whose style do you must admire and why?

Julia: I am most interested in what is functional for every day, and who better than my fellow women of NYC to take as an example of great style? From a celebrity perspective, I am always loving the sartorial choices of Cate Blanchett; she isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, and does it with an incredible regal, confident quality that certainly exudes. I think that is dressing well at its core — knowing yourself and being comfortable and assertive with what you are wearing.

ECCO: Describe your personal style in three words.

Julia: Vibrant, fresh and modern.

ECCO: How do shoes play into your outfits?

Julia: Shoes are an integral decision to my daily wardrobe — I usually work from the bottom up - creating an outfit around what footwear I need/want on that particular day, because if the shoe doesn’t work with an outfit, in my opinion, it can throw the entire look for a loop! Comfort is key, so finding the right pair, that I can wear with anything, is my ultimate goal.

ECCO: You tried your first pair of ECCO shoes this holiday season. What do you think?

Julia: My first ECCO shoes ever, are the Ouyen Ankle Strap Heels, which look absolutely stunning and have the perfectly balanced amount of heel lift, support, and comfort. It’s going to be hard to wear any other heels, as I have a feeling that they will just pale in comparison to these! The leather is gorgeous and the higher cut look great matched with tight streamlined pants, pencil or swinging skirt hems, and I think I could even match the Ouyens with a dressier pair of shorts, come the warm weather.  They are versatile, but also comfortable, which oftentimes needs to trump all other issues!

ECCO: What spring/summer 2013 trends are you most excited to try?

Julia: I loved the oversized pearl accessories from Chanel’s collection, Lucite jewelry from MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, lace dresses, and am excited for the return of strappy footwear, which I haven’t really embraced since the late ’90s!  

12 Days Of ECCO: ECCO Team Holiday Wish List

We’ve had a wonderful time these past 12 days sharing with you our Scandinavian holiday traditions and our top picks for the ECCO gifts that will surprise and delight your family and friends. 

Today we are sharing with you items on our own holiday wish list. 

The members of the ECCO marketing and e-commerce teams are wishing for:

  • A trip to California to ring in the new year with west coast friends
  • The polka dot J.Crew clutch, perfect for day to evening 
  • Ina Garten’s new cookbook “The Barefoot Contessa: Fool Proof”
  • Herbs to grow indoors all winter long 

Now that you know our holiday wish list, we hope you get everything on yours!

From all of us here at ECCO, happy holidays! 

*Image sources: California, J.Crew, Ina Garten and herbs

12 Days Of ECCO: Scandinavian Holiday Style

ECCO is headquartered in Denmark and we are very proud of our Scandinavian heritage. Our shoes and accessories are all designed with the Nordic sensibilities of simplicity, elegance an appreciation for the natural elements. 

Scandinavian design applies to more than just shoes, bags and belts. This holiday season decorate your home in Scandinavian style with these beautiful ideas from interior designer and blogger Michael Wurm Jr. of Inspired by Charm

*Images courtesy of Inspired by Charm.

12 Days Of ECCO: Cheers With Glogg

At this time of year in the United States we celebrate the holiday season by drinking eggnog. In Denmark, ECCO’s home country, the winter tradition is to raise a glass of glogg.

Glogg is a Scandinavian yuletide wine mulled with orange peel and spices like clove and cardamom. 

Mix a batch for your family and friends with this recipe. Cheers!

Annika’s Glogg 

To a large pot, add:

1 750 ml. bottle medium-bodied, not-too-dry red wine

5 cinnamon sticks

1 scant tablespoon whole cloves

1 small fistful of green cardamom pods

1 large fistful of dried bitter-orange peel (fresh orange peel works fine, too)

1 chunk of peeled, fresh ginger (half grated, half sliced).


1. Bring mixture to a boil, lower heat instantly and simmer for 30 minutes.

2. Strain liquid through a sieve into a bowl, tie solid ingredients in cheesecloth and return all to the pot.

3. Add 4 or 5 more bottles of wine, and let steep, preferably overnight. When reheating, never let the mixture come to a boil. (You can add brown sugar or vodka to taste.)

4. Garnish with blanched almonds and black raisins. They are delicious when fished out.