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Nephi Tall Boot Wins Fashion O-ward From O Magazine

The September issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, has hit newsstands and our very own Nephi Tall Boot is featured in the magazine’s first ever fall Fashion O-wards. Oprah and her team hand selected the very best styles for the upcoming season and the Nephi Tall Boot was highlighted as this fall’s “Best Pain-Free (And Cute!) Boot.”

We love this boot in black for seamlessly transitioning from day to evening with a feminine white blouse, a coral jacket, black skinny jeans and a touch of rose gold sparkle.  Take this outfit to the next level by pairing it with our Natal Sacbag.

The Nephi Tall Boot in amber adds polish and sophistication to your work day wardrobe. Paired here with our Norden Handbag, a blue face watch, a stack of bangles and an accent scarf, you are sure to turn heads at your office.

Wishing you had a pair for yourself? Purchase the Nephi Tall Boot right now on

Scandinavian Stories

There are places and times where magic occurs.
When people come together, everything changes.
Imaginations touch. Minds collide. Voices meld. Lives reunite. Children discover.
What happens in minutes is remembered for a lifetime.
Welcome to Scandinavian Stories.


Inspiration. Ephemeral. Elusive. We chase it - in work, in relationships, in the world around us - only to have it slip past us. But often times, it’s the unexpected moment - that unplanned break in the day, a quiet moment alone, a chance encounter with a stranger - which yield the best sources.


A large building. A bridge. A brilliant new piece of technology. Large and flashy, they shout to be noticed. But sometimes, a single pine cone can be commanding enough to dominate the whole energy of a place.


The trio. There is, inherently in it, an intrinsic romance, a heightened intensity - whether or not there is a love affair involved. Each pair within it shares a unique relationship; six parts combine to make one unique friendship.


Old friends. Familiar places. Is there anything with more ability to transport us back in time? With that rare combination, suddenly, the playful becomes important; the simple, wonderous. And during those moments, we are caried back to our childhood - if only for a little while.

                             ECCO USA AUTUMN/WINTER 2011 COLLECTION